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How do I get my school group involved?

1_school_involvedWe recommend that teachers register and watch the tutorial before getting their students classifying wildlife images.

How to register

  • Choose the school group option when you register.
  • You’ll need to provide details such as your school group’s name, grade, number of students, school name and address.
  • The password you register will be given to the students so they can login – so choose a password you’re happy to share.

We will allocate you a School Code – a number that you can give to your students.  Your students can login individually with this School Code and the password you registered.

We’ll send you a copy of your School Code and password to the email address you nominated.

> Register now

How to get your students involved

There are two ways you can get your students involved in classifying wildlife images in Wildlife Spotter.

 1. All together as a group

To do this you’ll need to be able to project the website onto a screen.

Login and take the class through the tutorial as a group.

(Note: if you’ve already done the tutorial you’ll need to open it again – you can find it under the ‘Help’ button on the classifying window.)

Here’s some suggestions…

  • Take it in turns to read the tutorial out loud.
  • Have a go at classifying the images and identifying animals.
  • If you have questions, write them down and see if you can find answers in the FAQ.
  • If you have any questions you can’t find the answer to, then send them in via the FAQ and we’ll try and answer them.

Remember, the animals can sometimes be hard to identify. Just go with what the majority thinks.


 2. Students classify images by themselves

To do this you’ll need a computer or tablet for each students – they can also do it in at home.

  • Watch the tutorial – if possible, go through the tutorial as a group on a big screen.
  • Students log in with the School code and password you registered – the images they classify will then count towards your group total.
  • If you didn’t do the tutorial as a group then get each student to go through it by themselves once they’re logged in – they’ll need to open the tutorial by clicking on the ‘Help’ button in the classifying window.
  • If they have any questions they should check the FAQ .
  • If you have any questions that can’t be answered then send them in via the FAQ and we’ll try and answer them.

Entering the competition

Every time an image is classified it will be counted towards the total done by your school group. This will happen even if you’ve got multiple students working at once.

Once your school group has completed 10 image you’ll be entered into the competition to win the schools prize – a visit from Dr Karl to your school AND a GoPro camera.

And you’ll get another competition entry for each additional 10 images your school group completes.

More details about the competition